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Hey there! I'm co-host of "The Gee & Ursula Show" on KIRO Radio 97.3 FM. When I'm not on air, I spend my time game-day hosting for the Seattle Seahawks, auctioneering, emceeing, or motivational speaking.

As an avid communicator, I excel in facilitating events to help organizations reach their objectives while delivering a remarkable and enjoyable experience. My unparalleled passion for my work allows me to tailor my services to precisely meet the unique needs of your organization.

What I do

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Radio Host

I built a career infusing personal experiences, innovation and infectious energy across many industries. I'm a high-energy speaker for today’s audiences.

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A graduate of Western College of Auctioneering, I'm laser focused on helping organizations execute their auction and achieve their fundraising goals.

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I manage the timing and pace of your event by handling presentations and guest engagement. Your guests will be entertained with my quick wit and nimbleness while I ensure your event runs as smoothly as possible.

Inspirational Speaker

I'm a dynamic, high-energy speaker, weaving in my personal experiences, passion and perspective when storytelling.

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My clients

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Don't take my word for it.

"Thank you for the spectacular job hosting the 2023 MLB Draft. You were everything we look for in a live in-venue host for a major televised event- engaging, knowledgeable, prepared, personable, flexible, and...well...a joy to work with. Let's do it again sometime!"

-Frank Supovitz, Executive Producer, 2023 MLB Draft

“As the dust settles on Dare to Dream 2023, thank you for being such a fantastic auctioneer for Dare to Dream -- and representing us perfectly, reinforcing the importance of Junior Achievement and our work.

You moved us a long, kept the energy high, and handled every transition incredibly and professionally. Can I say that you knocked it out of the park?”

-Natalie Vega O’Neil, President, Junior Achievement of Washington

“Thank you! Gee, you made this past weekend extra, extra special. At Atlantic Street Center (ASC), we are trying to make our mark amongst a variety of generations and supporters. Your energy and compassion enveloped everyone in that room, making Atlantic Street Center truly the star of the show.

For us, it means that ASC encompasses people who excel in community spaces not just as adults, but as kids. Your commitment to us this weekend, in my eyes, was such an example of that. You truly connected with our organization and treated all that you met as if you had known them for years – the audience included. Thank you! It made such a difference.”

-Nora Weiss, Marketing & Communications Manager, Atlantic Street Center

"I wanted to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude for your invaluable contribution at the recent Auction Gala.

Your expertise, professionalism, and engaging style truly elevated the event and contributed to its resounding success. The skill with which you conducted the auction and captivated the audience was commendable. The energy and enthusiasm you brought to the stage created an atmosphere of excitement and generosity among the attendees.

We received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our guests, who appreciated your ability to facilitate a seamless and enjoyable auction experience. The funds raised during the auction will play a crucial role in supporting our organization's initiatives and making a difference in the lives of those we serve.

On behalf of Voices of Tomorrow, I want to extend my heartfelt thanks for your exceptional work and dedication. Your participation significantly contributed to the success of the Auction Gala, and we are truly grateful for your support.

Should there be any future events or opportunities where your expertise and skills would be a valuable asset, we would be honored to collaborate with you again. Once again, thank you for being an integral part of this memorable occasion.”

-Hafsa Don, Operations Administrator,

Voices of Tomorrow

Trust what my client's have to say.

"Gee Scott was the guest speaker at the City of Bellevue’s State of Utilities event with a diverse audience from City leadership to field staff. Gee completely captivated the audience with content that was relatable and engaging.

We appreciate that Gee obviously did his homework before the event, and added factual anecdotes to his story that made the audience connect with him even more. Many attendees approached me in the days after and stated Gee was the best speaker for the event. We are even using a phrase that Gee coined at the event to promote the work being done by the City. Working with Gee was a great experience from the booking to the follow-up."

-Michaelene Fowler, Utilities Public Information Officer, City of Bellevue

“Gee Scott is a wonderful auctioneer. He arrived early to our event and mingled with the guests as they arrived. His affable manner and genuine curiosity led our guests to share stories with him and detail their connections to our cause.

He then shared some of these stories during the auction which definitely increased the bidding. Gee demonstrated a real understanding of our group and how best to appeal to their generosity. Everyone would like him to return for our next auction.”

-Trevor Gardner, Skunk Works Robotics

"Gee did a fantastic job emceeing our event! His enthusiasm and ability to “read the room” helped us get our program started on time and running smoothly, despite a very tight schedule.

We love how he infused our event with wisdom from his parents and family. His great sense of humor helped our program transition from one speaker to the next. Gee had us laughing and clapping together.

He helped us build a sense of unity in our community that we can make things better for kids and families experiencing the child welfare system by working together. We hope to have him emcee for us again in the future. "

-Marcia Jacobs, Communications Manager, Amara

“As I reflect on last night, I was filled with gratitude! Thank you so much for sharing your story with us! You are clear about your purpose and that is to inspire the world to live with compassion, empathy, and in service to others. I know that our community walked away that evening committed to helping the next “Gee.” From our staff, board, volunteers, and homeowners, we deeply appreciate you!”

Rhea Kimble, Major Gifts Officer

“What a treat to have you join us and up the energy level for our 2023 Spring Fling and Gala.

Your enthusiasm brought energy to the room that was palpable and contagious. Thank you for sharing your time with us, your expertise and for encouraging a more positive and fruitful event than we could have imagined."

-Diane Dobson, CEO, Renton Chamber of Commerce

Straight from them.

“We have been lucky to have Gee Scott as our auctioneer since 2017 for our annual dinner and auction. When I say lucky, there is really no luck in Gee's business. Gee has amazing charisma and confidence to command the room and keep the auction rolling smoothly. If you have ever been part of hosting an event, you will know how crucial that is. Beyond his ability to keep the flow moving and the event lively, he also challenged us to aspire to higher goals than what we thought we could get (and we hit the target he recommended every time).

Gee has amazing character! In 2020 our auction was scheduled for March 21, and the world shut down the week prior. We had less than one week to get moved to a totally virtual auction. Although he was under no obligation, Gee quickly offered to also get online for a virtual auction. This was less than one week into the Global Pandemic when virtual meetings were much less common and we were not sure how long we would be locked down. We had no idea how this would work, and Gee stepped up to contribute in any way he could to make this last minute shift a success!

We have also had Gee come and speak to the kids at our school. In education there are not always teachers and staff that represent all the students in a building. I know there were kids in the audience that will never forget the assembly when he spoke, not just at them but to them.”

-Corin LaVerne & Kendra Walker, Fairwood PTSA Co-Chairs

”We were thrilled with the results from our Live Auction! Gee read the room and kept the bidding alive, well past the auction item value. Guests were thoroughly engaged and had a great time. We’ve heard from many guests that they’ll be back for next year’s event. Well done, Gee!”

“When Gee stepped on stage, his energy, enthusiasm and passion for our mission was infectious! He helped us far exceed our fundraising goals for the evening!”

“Gee is not only a fabulous emcee and auctioneer, he was quick to share valued advice prior to the gala, things like current event trends, auction item guidance, and program timing. He truly helped us create a high-quality event. Guests didn’t want to leave at the end of the evening! Thanks for bringing the magic to our evening Gee!”

-Judy Simpson, Communications Manager, InvestED